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An Update

Sep 11, 2021

Hello everyone here's an update:

So I'm sorta back from my break, we got a lot of stuff to do before I can release the first episode of Season 3. It should be posted by the end of September / early October. I realize that I might be spreading myself too thin, so to avoid burnout in the future I have to make sure that...

Taking A Break

Aug 23, 2021

Hi everyone it's me Steve. I'm going on a break

That means no more new episodes for a little bit.

I'm going to post an update here on Sept 13th, after I've settled into school and found time to relax. I've been pushing myself a lot this summer and it's finally caught up to me physically and mentally. I'm drained. 


Reflecting On Season One

Apr 20, 2021

Hi everyone it's me Steve. so Levi's going away for the summer

To quote him:

"Hello and goodbye everyone! I will be disappearing into the bush to plant trees again this summer, hoping for 100k! As I will be leaving, Steven will be taking over as the sole host for season two, before my return and season three in...

Steve Talks About Episode 4

Mar 24, 2021

Hi it's Steve. 

So I'm releasing a new episode that I recorded and edited impulsively. I'm going in depth about my experience growing up so it's going to be really personal. I should mention that I didn't write a script for this episode and I chose not to over-edit it. Kind of thought it would make it feel a little more...

A Littler Blurb about Levi

Mar 4, 2021

Hello everybody I am Levi.

I'm the second cohost (cooler, smarter, faster, than Steven) and yeah, I guess now I’ll do a little of where I came from. I was born and raised in small town Saskatchewan; I was the middle child of 5 siblings, so my life was a little busy from day one. As a child my days mostly consisted of...