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Reflecting On Season One

Apr 20, 2021

Hi everyone it's me Steve. so Levi's going away for the summer

To quote him:

"Hello and goodbye everyone! I will be disappearing into the bush to plant trees again this summer, hoping for 100k! As I will be leaving, Steven will be taking over as the sole host for season two, before my return and season three in September. Thank you all for listening and reading."

so yeah, bye levi and bye season 1? In season two we're going to have more interviews and less levi - still figuring it out so stay tuned? but thank you all for the support and listening - I've had a lot of encouraging messages and testimonies that continue to inspire me. I'm grateful that you want to hear our stories and can find value in them. It's a lot of work producing and editing this show but it's worth it. maybe my narrative isnt just someone who's suffering, you know?

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oh and I wanted to keep it lowkey but I had the chance to interview arlene from @offsidehairzone_ yesterday (I'm gonna do a full promo on the peer health page once I release the episode next week). honestly I don't know how to put it in words but about 10 minutes into the interview I started crying. hearing her share some painful memories and stories and how much she's gone through kinda inspired me again. (that last graphic was inspired by her). i know we're small and i might be making this a big deal, but hear me out

brave people like Arlene who share their stories are going to change the world. maybe not in a big way, but for a few, yeah. through this podcast she shared things that I think a lot of people would be ashamed of, but it was much more than that. I think being able to share her story on our (small) platform is a huge step towards our mission statement. it made me think about the people around me. about some of the things they don't speak about. about how they might be feeling. but that made me feel less alone. and I realized that MAYBE we can become a place that gives you that same feeling - that you aren't alone in this and that DESPITE your struggles you're gonna be okay. whatever that looks like.

being a creator I realize now that the content I release is almost therapeutic to me, being able to share my (everyday) struggles with whoever listens. so I'm VERY grateful for this opportunity. to hear an impactful and emotional story of an inspiring woman. im so happy this spontaneous idea is turning into something with value. I feel even more inspired now then I did when I started 2 months ago. I rambled a lot but the take home message is: this podcast is providing me a lot and I'm going to continue trying to fight the stigma and encourage more impactful conversations like the one I had yesterday.

thank you for making this possible. listeners, friends of mine, whatever. you have no idea how much this means to me.