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According to the Government of Canada (see link below), 1 in 3 Canadians experience mental illness during their lifetimes.


Our mission statement is to destigmatize mental illness and show our listeners how mental illness affects our lives. Our lived experience with mental illness may help others recognize symptoms in their lives, or understand the struggles of neurodiverse individuals. This podcast is released by students within the Peer Health volunteering group at the University of Saskatchewan.



We are not medical professionals, and we cannot diagnose anyone with a mental illness. We (Steven and Levi) have both been diagnosed by medical professionals. This podcast will contain mature content that may be triggering. Please contact your doctor if you are concerned about your mental wellbeing. This content should not be interpreted as medical advice. We also provide evidence and resources, please investigate these for further information.


About the hosts:


Peer Health USask is a Student Wellness Centre initiative and run by student staff and volunteers. All students have Peer Health volunteer training.

Thanks to everyone who made this project possible.